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Provide expert insight on sales and marketing trends within the wholesale and retail pharmaceutical distribution channels. Know as an industry expert on many aspects of pharmaceutical distribution and called on for my insite.

We started www.wrightconsultinggroup.com in 2003 with a vision to grow the company in various ways including expansion into other businesses that we have a huge passion for. Once we established the consulting business with multiple key partnerships we were well on our way to our first expansion. Our focus remained on the health care segment with a close tie to pharmaceutical distribution with a focus on sales and marketing. Industry changes, government regulations and competive landscape really make this a very passionate part of our business. You can't spend almost 35 years now in that industry without some very close connection. I still love that business but my real passion is working for myself now and building the company for the future.

The introduction of
Wright Ultrasound Services was the first of many companies to follow. We are a company of fully trained, registered or registry ready Cardiovacular and Vascular technitions. Unlike doctors doing cardiovascular ultrasound examinatinos without any formal training. We offer in office fully approved by Medicare and major insurance examinations done by technitions with over 35 combined years of hospital training. The future will require technitions of high standards and we already exceed the future requirements and have since 2006. Experience speaks volumes in ultrasound exams.

Vascular Screening Service was launched shortly after the Ultrasound division and offers direct to consumer screening services in the local communities. Vascular screening service has it's own website where you can learn more about the importance of highly trained technitions doing a quality screening. Most screening services today are not using registered vascular technitions to do screenings and the results could be misleading if not done by trained professionals.

Our passion for owning real estate was the reason to launch
Wright Realty Service back in early 2007 when the market took a nose dive. Opportunies to aquire properties accompanyed by the lack of confidence in the stock market really fueled this passion for me. Education and training are critical keys to any business model and we have been highly focused on both for over 2 years. Starting out in the business with Prudential California Realty in the number one office in Orange County is a big plus to that training.
Wright Realty Service and brading both the company and myself using my middle name are a critcal part of that companies marketing strategy.

I recently launched another website
www.davidalexwright.com to use when marketing free morgage consultation services. Offering a full evaluation and explanation to home owners on all of the options that they have and the best and worst case senarios so that they can make the best choice for their family.

Brief history of the company.......
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Provide free services to homeowners searching for solutions to difficult home ownership situations. My website provides multiple articles and links to valuable information all for free. My feee workshops and membership in nonprofit organizations provide a wealth of free support.

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Years of successfull domestic real estate sales, marketing and working with buyers has blossommed into a global business. Combine Global with Domestic marketing. We strive to deliver "Luxury Services" to all our clients and work hard to insure a lifetime of referrals.
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